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Customise Website Flow & Improvement UI/UX

Iron Studios

We had a true all-star on our hands with Iron Studio and we knew their customers deserved and expected the best. We came together to build a game plan that would help Iron Studio create a site that blew visitors away.


Bernado Machado




Development, SEO, Maintenance and Support, UI/UX Design, Product management, Hosting and Maintenance


Wordpress, WooCommerce, AWS, Braintree


Business to Consumer, E-Commerc

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A Redefined Web Experience

You’ve heard it before, but it's worth repeating: you need a new website, regardless of your size or industry.

Retail, manufacturing, advocacy, charity, finance, realestate, education, entertainment, food & beverage, finance, travel, the list goes on. Whether you’re an SMB or enterprise-level corporation, your website is your digital calling card in your industry:

  • 70-80% of consumers research a business online while looking for new products, services, or solutions

  • 84% of consumers will not complete a purchase on an unsecured website

  • Conversion rates drop up to 20% for each second your site takes to load

  • It takes just 50 milliseconds – 0.05 seconds – for a visitor to form an opinion of your brand after viewing your website

  • Over half of people (57%) will not recommend a business or association with a poorly designed mobile website

  • More than one-third of visitors (38%) will stop engaging and leave your site if it has unattractive content and layout

  • About half (47%) of users expect a website to load in two seconds or less

  • 75% of people judge the credibility of a company based on its website design

  • Statistics like these make two things very clear:

  1. You need a website (yes, you), and

  2. it must to be fast, attractive, and modern

A website with features for all ages

Toy products were the main focus and children love toys so the clients wanted to sell products with EMI-based payment directly from the website so anyone can afford any item from the website and pay monthly by EMI.

A slow, clunky, antiquated-looking site arguably does more harm than not having a website at all. If you have one, you need to periodically re-evaluate it. Like a physical home or office, your digital address should be renovated from time to time. By knowing this, you’re ahead of the curve.

Since 2012, Iron Studios has been producing extremely detailed collectible figures, as the first Brazilian company with licensed products 100% made for collectors.

With a large following of fans worldwide, Iron Studios has been building an audience that is increasingly demanding and attentive to the tiniest detail, winning over some of the most popular and strict collector forums and groups in the world.

The Challenges

There were lots of challenges on this project as client come to us with a bad website and so many complex issues that were difficult to track.

Issues included the following below: Products images were not uploading from the system even though the memory limit was at the top-notch setting and other settings were also right but their version of WordPress was corrupted.

The website was taking so a large amount of time to load even with few images on the page.

They were not able to send invoices to customers from their internal system despite having WooCommerce was settled there.

Nginx was down repeatedly due to corrupted code and other issues.

The client wanted to implement EMI-based payment system on the website.

The checkout page was showing the wrong pricing with shipping charges although the settings were correct.

The design of each page was very poor and not exciting.

Together, these issues contributed to a poor user experience and a boring web design, less than stellar organization, and information overload that had a negative effect on their perceived expertise and brand.

Something had to be done immediately.

And that’s our specialty.

The Solutions

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DecodeUp Technologies came to the rescue

DecodeUp is not in the business of giving clients cookie-cutter solutions.

Our designs and creations are always custom-built for each client and their customers. The initial discovery call or is pivotal to our process.

After this, our design and development team got to work.

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Well-structured UI/UX Design & Dynamic Features

We created a new design by studying the websites of Iron Studios' competition and other popular sites in their target market. We formed a refreshed UX/UI flow to appeal to users and resonate with them. We conducted a comprehensive SEO analysis and optimized the new site and its keywords for the search success.

We recorded the entire WordPress framework and fixed all of the challenging issues they were facing. Finally we migrated & upgraded the server configurations according to the site's requirement and traffic.

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Customized payment and payment flow

We established an affiliate program by ShareASale & Implemented a custom brain tree API for EMI-based recurring payments for all sales.

We created a trusted, safe payment option for consumers.

They had a detailed list of features they wanted. DecodeUp met all of those desires.


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Color Palette

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The Result

We delivered a visually appealing, streamlined, site that is both pleasing to view and easy to navigate.

The result? Bernado loved the design! When the client is happy, we are happy too. A good website is never complete, you can always update it like your home.

How can our team make you happy today? Whether it’s a new website from scratch or a reboot of your existing one, DecodeUp's designers can make it happen.


Ready to discuss your project?

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