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Redesign Website & Improvement UI/UX


Sometimes you need a makeover and no, we’re not talking about your closet. Old websites can turn customers away, and complicated processes must be expressed in simple language to reach a wide audience. Here are some highlights of how we created a gorgeous web presence for Brains & Beauty.






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Luxury, E-Commerce

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Brains & Beauty - Tech That Looks Amazing and Delivers More

Our client was in need of a new website design, one that was configured for mobile devices and tables with a product detail page that drew customers to purchase their products. The e-commerce side needed an easier variations configuration to shopping would be simple. In addition, they were hoping for a faster online experience and a sleek, minimal style.

Their work as a business is all about simplifying complex processes and that's exactly what they wanted their new site to reflect. Our task was to merge

Brains & Beauty to achieve a gorgeous design that would perform at the highest level with modern engineering in the backend.

Souleway chose DecodeUp for our track record of making simple sites that can complete complicated tasks.

Making customers feel special

The client needed lots of variations for their site, options such as color, stripe color, zip colour that needed to be presented in a simple way on the front end so users could make selections with a simple click or tap. We designed a seamless product view that made it simple for customers to design their items based on individual preferences.

The Challenges

Innovative Solutions to Common Struggles

The basic need was a new website, but this wasn't a drag-and-drop situation. Souleway was looking for something minimal, something attractive and something easy to use. Balancing a visually appealing site that's intuitive and can accurately manage large amounts of data requires personalized attention and skillful coding. We crafted the site with these needs in mind and the ability to communicate in multiple languages to users around the world.

In this case, the client knew their strategy and their needs. In looking for a partner that could produce a high quality user experience while also learning their culture and story they found DecodeUp.

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The Solutions

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First Things First...

We began by presenting a series of questions, which help us to develop the skeleton for the project so we can customize a plan that fits this specific client:

  • What are your main objectives?
  • Who is your audience or avatar?
  • Are there any priorities for the project?
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Create your best shopping environment

For this web redesign, the biggest priority was the product details page. The client emphasized the desire for a user experience that clearly presented options and allowed users to choose and see what they were buying.

That left us with the question: what tools were necessary to make this personalized experience possible?

We worked as a team to create a clear, effective product page with modules that delivered exactly the options Souleway needed.

Last but not least, we gave the entire site the upgrade it needed to deliver a flawless presentation that's easy on the eyes.

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Looking Ahead

Are you unsatisfied with your current online presence? What would you like today that your current technology is holding you back from? Reach out to DecodeUp to start your transformation.


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Color Palette

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The Result

Let's recap! We transformed the Souleway site into a contemporary design that retains visitors' attention and looks beautiful. We implemented visuals for an engaging experience and replaced heavy text block.

The result is a credible appearance that has the intimacy of a mom-and-pop shop. With this engaging design and upgrades to the UI/UX our team created an online presence that highlighted key services, functioned effortlessly, reflected core values and allowed room for growth. Did we mention the client was a small business with a small budget? By working together, we achieved every goal on their wishlist at an affordable price. Who said you can't have your cake and eat it too.

We've done it before and we can do it again – for YOU


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