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Portable defibrillation is possible because of the CellAED, and can be used by bystanders to save lives without breaking the bank. This client was looking to bring this device to people and organizations throughout the world. They needed to develop an online presence to make the public aware of its existence and benefits. Our team scheduled a meeting with the client to learn more about this amazing product and what they were hoping to achieve with their future site.






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Saving Lives Globally - Clear communication and intuitive visuals

If you're reading this, it's most likely commonn knowledge but it's worth emphasizing: you need a website, regardless of your size. Digital technology is connecting people at rapid speed and your next customer will likely find you on the web.

Our client informed us that around 16,500 people in the world die of sudden cardiac arrest daily, simply because there was delayed or no access to a defibrillator.

The founder created a device that would be able to lower that number of deaths considerably–if everyone knew about it. The goal of this project quickly became clear: place this portable automated defibrillator in every single office, home, and community center with a goal to increase the rate of survival from sudden cardiac arrest.

We decided the site would need a clear purpose, a user guide and list of benefits to encourage sales of the device.

Some web projects are a public service to the community. In this case study, you will see how our team started from scratch to create an informational space detailing proper use of a new and important medical device.

The Challenges

Quick User Experience

If you're reading this, it's most likely commonn knowledge but it's worth emphasizing: you need a website, regardless of your size. Digital technology is connecting people at rapid speed and your next customer will likely find you on the web.

DecodeUp cellaed Chellenges
DecodeUp cellaed Chellenges

Building a website that can save lives

A person dies every 5.25 seconds from sudden cardiac arrest because a defibrillator is not available within the first 2-4 minutes. That's a statistic that will stop anyone in their tracks.

CellAED - a portable defibrillator invented by the Donovan Casey, was created to tackle this grim statistic.

We needed to think creatively to present this innovative and life-saving tool to a global audience. Ultimately we agreed on a few common goals:

  • Showcase the purpose and usage of the device
  • Detail the advantages of the device through Animations.
  • Present training information about the CellAED

The Solutions

DecodeUp video section

Creating animations to tell a story

We developed an incredible presentation for the client by combining essential information with the visual lure of animation to simplify the information in an entertaining way. This allowed site visitors to watch the device in action and see the benefits in ways that text could not convey, such as illustrating emergency situations and instruction steps.

DecodeUp Mobile

Save a life with one hand

We focused on creating the following for our client's launch:

  • Simplified product directivesSimplified product directives
  • Easy to find emergency info
  • Fully responsive interface for desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

Creating animation that works on mobile devices isn't an easy task but our skilled team was able to transfer the animation to work efficiently on all devices and browsers.

DecodeUp video section

Dynamic mobile view

We knew that it was critical to create a mobile site that could run as well as a desktop since 80% of web traffic in an emergency situation is on a mobile device.

Difficult? Yes? Impossible? Not a DecodeUp. We work best when dealing with the most complex situations and enjoy a good challenge. Our developers and engineers rise to the challenge each and every time.


DecodeUp cellaed Chellenges

Color Palette





The Result

As you can see, we were met with a difficult task and came out with an effective and attractive solution. We assessed the client's goals, the needs of the audience and persevered through significant coding labor to present a new product to the world that is now saving lives every day.

Great results mean happy clients. We've love the opportunity to make you happy as well.


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