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Schools Bus Passes Management Platform

Greenwood Bus Service

This client, Greenwood Bus Service, is based in Australia and manages the bus services for several schools. Prior to the company's founding, bus passes were distributed manually. Greenwood established a digital system to move the processes online and make the passes more accessible with less work.






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The general consensus was that Greenwood needed a new site optimized for online booking. But would it fit their budget?

They previously used a manual booking process that involved a lot of paperwork, phone calls and more. The process was trying and our client wanted to streamline to make things easier for their team. It was important to allocate buses for schools as needed, so automation and customization were essential to their needs.

With a modest budget and high technological demands our team had their work cut out for them. As we began our initial meetings with the client we spent time learning the current challenges to their business to better understand how to solve them without breaking the bank.

The Challenges

We assessed several challenges and drafted a design plan to guide us through the process. After initial consultations we identified the following challenges:

  • Lack of comprehensive inventory with built-in feature to limit number of passes per family
  • Need to college manual data to disperse buses among school systems
  • Bus passes needed to be presented by divisions, such as morning passes, evening passes and all day passes
  • Color coordinating passes based on school systems
  • Establishing and displaying different pricing structures
  • Simplifying the front-end for parents to input payment details and child's information
  • Parents with multiple children needed an organized way to review all passes
  • Digital bus passes that children can show to their driver daily
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The Solutions

A Website with Answers

Although this project presented many challenges, as you saw above, our designers were confident in their ability to execute a plan.

DecodeUp designers spend time building a strong plan around the client's needs and pairing modern technology to meet those demands. After creating multiple mockups and meeting with our clients we were able to answer every one of their challenges.

Connecting families and bus services on digital pass at a time

The site we developed in this case study is fully automated and eases the work of managing digital passes. Data is easily and securely transferred, saving everyone time.

The payment portal on the site is also secure and fast with quick transfer of funds and no expensive fees.

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Custom Design That's Future Focused

After reviewing the mockups, we opted to forego drag and drop features and to customize every part of the site to achieve their needs easily and accurately.

It's one of our passions to make sites that are not only dynamic but built to last, regardless of what tech changes happen in the future. Each custom design is reusable so future adjustments are easy to make and won't take up the client's time.

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Typeface & Colors

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Playfair Display







The Result

As you can see, we were met with a difficult task and came out with an effective and attractive solution. We assessed the client's goals, the needs of the audience and persevered through significant coding labor to present a new product to the world that is now saving lives every day.

Great results mean happy clients. We've love the opportunity to make you happy as well.

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