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Main Principles Of The ECommerce Web Design

E-Commerce Web Design Essentials

The global marketplace and large-scale investments form the foundation for e-commerce products. So how does a startup find its place and how should you present a product to make it successful? If you are selling an e-commerce product or simply want to know about this field, read this guide on e-commerce web design.

Four keys to e-commerce selling

E-commerce consists of retail transactions that are carried out online. This means whenever you buy or sell something over the internet, you are engaging in e-commerce. The principles listed here for building a product online are universal for anyone selling goods but are they essential for e-commerce products. They are: market, traffic, conversion and service.

  • Market

This factor varies from location to location and based on the products presented on the website. If we categorize it, most of the market is B2B, more than 38% to be exact.

  • Traffic

Traffic is equal to the number of clients who are frequenting your virtual store and potentially ready to pay you money. For your income, you need to establish a platform to attract this attention.

Attracting traffic is the main task when it comes to promoting products on the Internet. To gain a purchase, we must first draw a visitor to the site, direct it to the pages where products reside and keep track of their actions until the sale is complete. This requires the correct UX and elements to retain the user.

  • Conversion

Let’s first take a look at the definition before we continue. Conversion is the ratio of visitors to your site who have performed a targeted action, such as purchases, to the total number of visitors.

You can increase your conversion rate in many ways, but here are 3 main methods are:

  1. contextual advertising;
  2. landing page;
  3. product informers.
  • Service

Regardless of how advanced your communication is with your customers, you have to communicate with people and use the correct attitude. We’d like to offer a few simple rules for successful cooperation:

  1. Respect
  2. Attention
  3. Accuracy of information
  4. Assistance

Now that we generally reviewed these indicators, let’s move on to the topic of products and their creation.

Display Your Product

For any business looking to enter the world of ecommerce it’s essential that you know the leaders in your niche and why they are trusted.

Shopify & Shopify Plus:

This is easily one of the most popular commercial Internet selling platforms. Shopify is simple and allows you to launch a new store very quickly.

Depending on the features you need and your amount of orders, the monthly tax rate may increase or decrease.

This is a good basic option for sellers who need only a few settings, functions and simple design.


This platform was originally meant for blogging but over time has grown to power a large number of plugins that significantly expanded its capabilities for product creation. It stands out because it’s extremely accessible. Be sure to note that when you are thinking about e-commerce platforms you should consider functionality.


This clean, modern platform is worth your attention. It has beautiful templates for building great websites and features advanced tools and pricing which make Squarespace a competitive market player.

Which One Should I Choose?

In summary, we suggest comparing some common success factors: flexible pay systems, beautiful design, reasonable pricing, security and seamless integration.

Bonus: 2021 e-commerce Trends

A successful product must be up-to-date–that’s the main task. To achieve this, determine the most relevant trends. Here are 5 of our top trends: inclusiveness, dark mode, content-oriented design, mobile-first and branding.


There’s no benefit in making a product accessible and easy to understand if it’s not inclusive. To make a product inclusive, create a product that works for both healthy people and those living with disabilities. And yes, we are talking about web design!

Dark Mode

Creating interfaces in dark mode is a recent feature but has grown quickly. In addition to aesthetics, the dark mode has its mix of pros and cons:

  1. Dark pixels are inactive so the device battery will run out slower;
  2. High contrast can be used very beneficially;
  3. Attention is pulled to the right places;
  4. Not all text is readable against this background.

Content-oriented design

This design approach is based on the content, essentially highlighting what you want to show. This is for websites that have information and content such as text blocks, infographics, etc. When it comes to this kind of design, the most important focus is the arrangement of elements so the product(s) is clear and easy to understand.

Mobile-First Design

People are addicted to their phones, it’s a fact. If search engines rank products higher, this is an added bonus and will be easy for users to find your product on their mobile device. Mobile-based design means ease of use, better download speed and full functionality, all of which users love.

Prioritize Branding

A brand is an introduction to your product and your philosophy. Trust us, this matters in e-commerce.

When we display a product to the public, it has to be brief, direct and multifunctional. And all of these elements must work together.

Do you notify users when their favorite products are running low? Do you have a specific design for your email newsletters? What about a banner on your site? It doesn’t have to be fancy but it should display your name and make your services clear.

In Summary

Anyone looking to build a startup in e-commerce is going to face tons of information from everyone including competitors, market experts and amount of information from market experts and competitors about which design is preferable and more. In this article, we dealt with the major questions new entrepreneurs in e-commerce have and tips to help you make the best decisions.


12 Oct, 2021

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