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Startups offer a world of possibilities and an assortment of challenges. We know how to take ideas and create stunning, interactive tools for a variety of audiences. Read below to see how we helped this tech startup create an effective app for their target audience and imagine what we can do for you.




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Indian Americans Matchmaking

This client arrived with some exciting ideas for a brand new website and mobile application to address Indian-American dating challenges in the States.

The client believed strongly that everyone has a perfect partner waiting for them, but without the right tools it's difficult to find your person. Their solution was to provide a platform that empowered those within the Indian American community to locate compatible partners wherever they reside.

Product launches and startups are among our favorite projects because they help clients go from original ideas to polished products.

Making customers feel special

As a company that previously began as a startup, we understand just how frustrating and exciting it can be to start a new company. While the process is exhilarating, you can also face many worries and challenges.

Guiding new startups through this process is our way of giving back and making the experience easier for new business owners around the world. We've felt all the emotions you're feeling now and one thing's for certain: you will get through this.

As DecodeUp, you will always know there's a qualified individual who has your back and best interests at heart. We collectively have decades of experience in marketing, design, project management, tech development and more. Avoid the pitfalls and claim success with a personalized team dedicated to your idea.

Pairdesi Decodeup Technologies

The Challenges

When we began our partnership, our client brought a lot to the table, namely a fully developed vision for their app. This vision included visuals, specific features and additional points for various stages of the mobile/web app development and launch. Some of their desires included state-of-the-art technology that allowed users to chat across applications and run in the background with sophisticated backend modules.

Because they had already laid out their mission it was easy to collaborate. They were seeking a partner who would be able to realize their goals and understood the impact they wanted the app to make. We guided them to the proper technology to make the idea a reality.

Together, we created a stunning app.

Here are some of the features our client desired

  • Backend module to match users based on specific information
  • Chat function that worked across platforms
  • Realtime chat support
  • Security features to block and report users or suspicious activity
  • Form that collected relevant data from users in multiple steps to facilitate matchmaking
  • Capacity to upload and store HD photos on users' profiles & Bio
Pairdesi Decodeup Technologies


Hello, nice to meet you...

We began with a meeting to brainstorm solutions to the challenges and needs of our clients. We ask all clients to identify the following:

  • Goals for the project
  • Necessary features and capabilities
  • Backend essentials and data management
  • Information that needs to be captured from users
  • Parameters for app (in this case matchmaking)
  • Overall look and feel of the site or app
  • Most important action for app users
Pairdesi Decodeup Technologies
Pairdesi Decodeup Technologies
Pairdesi Decodeup Technologies

Customized App Management

We created custom function in the backend upon the client's request to facilitate easy data management for their team. Features included:

  • Users who come to system and verify all added details
  • Matchmaking process they can do from here by drag and drop to assign right possible matching for users.
  • View reports of users and take action on required users.
  • Chat with any users functionality
  • Check & manage activated subscriptions details of users
Pairdesi Decodeup Technologies

Fully Developed Apps for Mobile and Web

We took their ideas and needs and worked around the clock to develop a custom solution.

Using our skills in data aggregation, app languages, customization and more we crafted a beautiful app that met every need. Did we mention we finished on time and within budget? It's really doesn't get any better than that. Whether your idea is large, small, simple or complex, our teams at DecodeUp are ready to serve you.

Pairdesi Decodeup Technologies

Typeface & Colors



The Result

We found great success with our soft launch: it was met with positivity from the initial users, who enjoyed the matching profiles features, chat functions and readily available support. For the Indian community in US, the app quickly became an impactful resource. We are happy to say this collaboration made lives more enjoyable. Our dedication and passion for creating value proved to be the perfect match.

We had a fantastic time working with Tim. And we can't wait to work with you.

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