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Luxury Real Estate Media Management System

From these early meetings we had a good feel for the design, personality and functions this website would require to run successfully. It was a challenge to create a site that has to function seamlessly for three different users, but our intimate knowledge of the client's needs made it feasible for us to start designing a platform that met every single demand of our client.


Brandon & Nick


Missouri, USA


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All real estate media under one roof

About Project

The World is Evolving. So Should Your Website

We started by meeting with the CEO and COO of Square One to gain an understanding of their initial vision and goals. At the time, they were still using a years-old system of manually booking services. We asked them to detail each of the challenges they were facing and what they needed from a new system. We discussed specifics for archiving their site, managing data and interactive scheduling.

Some of the desires they expressed on their initial list of requirements included the following:

  • Custom Scheduling
  • Tagging Features
  • Photographer Management
  • Order Tracking
  • Large data upload & Storage Capacity - Digital order delivery
  • Digital Payments
  • Calendar Scheduling
  • Invoice Management
  • Rescheduling Features
  • Cancellation Feature

The entrepreneurs meant for all of these services to be available to both residential and commercial users.

Different Features; Different Platforms

After our initial discussions we determined that the clients would need three main platforms for each of their target audiences.

  • Part of the site where users review services and their details
  • The second platform is strictly for real estate agents and property owners to choose services and order applicable photo services for their project.
  • The third platform serves photographers and provides the ability to receive and manage photoshoot schedules from a personal dashboard.

Within these platforms are three sub-categories based on user access, labeled Admin, Manager and Editors. These categories control what users are allowed to access and edit on the backend of the site and who can edit photos before they are delivered.

We custom built this entire framework with personal logins to maintain secure data input and management.

Squreone Media Decodeup Technologies

The Challenges

At the start of this project, Brandon and Nick had a fully functioning website that displayed basic services. Their vision was strong and they knew exactly what they wanted in their new web presence.

They knew their varied features would present a challenge. To understand the depth of the project, let's review a few of those challenges.


Notes were an important component to help each user that would access the site to stay on the same page. Coordinated notes were a huge part of achieving that goals and having the ability to tag other users meant they could manage centralized logs for customers, orders and other related data. From frontend to backend, enabling a tagging feature within the notes meant there was little confusion in the scheduling process.

Custom Orders and Assignments

The owners of Square One knew their customers wanted the ability to manage their orders based on specific services. This meant that Square One needed to be able to edit and customize orders based on discussions with clients. This included services and invoice information, all while maintaining secure data transfer.

Service Charges

Clients in the system charged various fees for different services and based on variations such as quantity and more. The site had to provide dynamic fee adjustments based on 36 services with a range of 5-10 variations each.

Scheduling Adjustments

It takes a lot of logistical units to create a scheduling system that's customizable. However, it was clear from the start that our client wanted users to have the ability to log into their account and make changes to their reservations at anytime based on available time slots.

Custom Suggestions

One of the most intricate parts of the website was a custom feature that suggested the best time for a user to book a photoshoot based on time and weather conditions in their location, all while maintaining secure data transfer.

Grid System

Squreone Media Decodeup Technologies

The Solutions

With close collaboration, DecodeUp migrated this company from a simple site for a fully automated digital powerhouse

We refined the client's concepts and designed a site that could manage multiple users, functions and files without breaking under the pressure.

The solutions we crafted improved on their manual system and granted the client the ability to give their users options and freedom with navigating the webpage.

One of the extras we provided to our clients was an Amazon cloud integration to help with managing the large file photographs necessary to deliver photographic services. Digital data for the site often exceed 2500 GB and we were able to facilitate a process that made uploading and downloading the files fast and simple.

A backend that works overtime

For the suggested time feature, we integrated APIs for weather that demonstrated that position of the sun at certain locations and times of days. We also incorporated cloud coverage, atmospheric changes, chance of precipitation and other data to create the most accurate time suggestions.

The dashboards for admin provide the most detailed data on current orders, fulfillment, photographers, and more. Photographers are able to fulfill services, assign work to editors and update travel status.

A Website that's brains and beauty

Last but not least, after creating the code for such a dynamic web space, we set our designers to work creating a modern design that gave the site a catchy, gorgeous look that highlighted our client's professionalism.

Do you have a stellar idea that needs to be turned into reality? We want to help you bring those ideas to life and realize the possibilities of your greatest dreams.

Squreone Media Decodeup TechnologiesSqureone Media Decodeup Technologies




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Color Palette


The Result

A gorgeous site. Simple navigation. Powerful features. Live data. A portal that has all the answers. These are just some of the highlights of this finished product for Square One Media Production that's making life easier for real estate agents and photographers alike. too.

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