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Medications Tracker

Creating a mobile app that could help patients keep track of their medicine really excited us and DecodeUp was eager to get started on the project. The numerous demands of the app proved to be challenging and in classic DeocodeUp fashion we faced the challenge head on.




United States of America


UI/UX Design, Development, Maintenance and Support


Android, Kotlin, Firebase


Medical & Healthcare

Medication Tracker DecodeUp Technologies

Setup schedules and notification for your medications easily with this mobile or wearable digital device.

Medications tracker is an app that we built to solve the need of helping people to maintain their schedules for medications every day so people can maintain their health by following their proper medicine schedules.

When someone is suffering from diseases and needs to strictly follow their medication schedules at this app will work like a personal doctor and help people follow the doctor's instructions for medication intake.

The application keeps record of all medication that patients add and notifies them on time so they never miss a medication

The client Leonce Song-Naba came up with one idea that he wanted to create an application freely available in the app market where customers can add their medication information such as the Name, color of medicine, type of medicine (like a tablet/liquid etc) and then set up a reminder in a custom way like once a day/month/week/year, Repeat that reminder, and create multiple reminders for a single day in repeat mode. With all those options, and by considering all his needs, we started planning this application.

The Challenges

Medication Tracker Decodeup Technologies

When the client shared all his requirements with us the team had to start analyzing the idea and making a plan for the number of screens and the navigation flow where customers could add the schedule within a few seconds without confusion or delay.


The application should attract patients who take medication and need schedules for things like Medicines, Injections, Drops, Dressings etc...


The Application should have the ability to remind patients about their medication a number of minutes before schedule (This will be set up by patients while adding their schedule.) so they remain prepared. For example, if they have to take any juice or food with medicines or if they have to take it on an empty stomach they will know to do so.


The application should be easy to set up so even elderly people can also use it without assistance. The Notifications should work smoothly.


The System must be compatible for notifications on smartwatches so if the patient wears a Smart Watch the system will send notifications to that Watch been when the patient is away from the phone.

Design Process

The Solutions

The Team at DecodeUp created a functional navigation flow for the app on Figma and articulates a nice app via code.

The team at DecodeUp is completely confident with the plan they created for this platform and possess a clear roadmap moving forward.

We created an attractive and simple user experience within the app so anyone can set medication tracking easily for their all medication reminders with different parameters like shape, colour, form (Liquid or solid), Size etc. It helps users follow schedules throughout the day or night.

Never miss a medication

The Team created an application where users can register themselves and maintain their medication schedule in seconds while letting the app do the rest.

The smart watch notification was implemented so users can stay aware of notifications and not miss their schedule in any case.

Better design and better performance

Like most projects, we focused on the Medication tracker content hierarchy to create a seamless experience.

We love building powerful design systems. Our goal is to make reusable components that deliver predictable user experiences. We also create design systems that clients can customize with ease on new screens following the project launch.

Medication Tracker Decodeup Technologies

Typeface & Colors



The Result

The team at DecodeUp created a mobile app that looks contemporary, streamlined and includes design-rich features that are attractive to customers while setting each reminder.

People loved the design and user experience because it helped them stay on track feels like a personal doctor.

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