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Responsive eCommerce Store

Online Store for Tablets and Stylus Products

A Wacom has online stores at,,, and various partner sites. The organization requires an online store exclusively for Canadian consumers. With this need, the entrepreneur Kellen came to us to create the online store to compete with and potentially exceed all other Wacom online shopping experiences available to Canadian customers.


Kellen M




Development, Maintenance and Support, UI/UX Design


Woo-Commerce, WordPress


Business to Business

WacomeStore Decodeup TechnologiesWacomeStore Decodeup Technologies
WacomeStore Decodeup Technologies

A standard e-commerce website including all the features for selling

You’ve heard it before, but it's worth repeating: you need a website regardless of your size or industry.

The e-commerce store represents all the Wacom products such as Pen Computers, Pen Displays, Drawing Tablets and Accessories to Canadian Customers.

With the need to draw in Canadian customers and compete on a large scale we got to work crafting a shopping website that would help Wacom enter the homes of shoppers everywhere. But first we ran into a few challenges, although it was nothing our team could not handle.

WacomeStore Decodeup Technologies

The Challenges

We’re proud of the working relationships we have with our all of clients. Need us for an hour, a year, or more? No problem, our commitment is to make your product the best it can possibly be.

Such was the case with Kellen's project.

The DecodeUp team so impressed that one week quickly turned into many. New features and functionality were in development and implemented based on our collaborative working sessions.

They had the strategy and requirements planned, but they needed a partner to understand their intention and goals, recommend the best technology, and bring the platform to life.

They wanted a gold-level website that feels like home.

A premium customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) representing Wacom. The online store will contend with and potentially exceed other Wacom digital shopping experiences available to its Canada-based customers.

Create unique designs from existing Wacom stores.

Represent all products on this new website.

Revenue recognition from Day One.

High-ranking SEO performance

WacomeStore Decodeup Technologies


Creating a fully-customized design

Their priorities were user experience, customer experience, engagement, affordability and revenue generation from day 1, similar to other available stores. By selecting resources like layout design, assets, domain setup, and personally hosting for the site, they reduced development costs (we never charge for work you don’t need!).

On the website, the new homepage represents the information about the Wacom Product, its main features, Purpose, and benefits. The best selling products section has drawn customers' attention for the reasons the website was created.

Student Discounts

The best feature Wacom provides to Canadian students who are enrolled in or accepted for enrollment in secondary or post-secondary accredited institutions is direct contact with admin and discount on Wacom products.

A completed checklist

Enhanced UI/UX? Check. Accurate reflection of the brand? Check. Focus on the core purpose of the website? Check.

The whole e-commerce experience has been built with the site from product display to payment flow with standard payment gateways integrations and the client is very satisfied after seeing the work done by the DecodeUp team.

WacomeStore Decodeup Technologies

Typeface & Colors





The Result

We delivered a visually appealing, streamlined, intuitive site that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to update regularly.

The result? Kellen loved the new design and if the client is happy, we’re happy. A good website is never truly done. Like your house, it’s necessary to upgrade, reorganize, and renovate occasionally.

A 100% satisfactory product has been delivered to the Wacom team and will help them grow their business rapidly. In return, we got a long-term partnership for various project phases as well.

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