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Meet Our Leads

Our team is composed of gifted, committed professionals who bring a host of skills and talents to our company. Together, they have assisted thousands of companies in expanding and growing their business..

Ravi Chief Executive Officer | Decodeup Team


Chief Executive Officer

Ravi is an entrepreneur, software engineer, and CEO of DecodeUp Private Limited (formerly known as NNC Infotech Private Limited). As the creative and logical mind behind DecodeUp, Ravi believes in helping people and using his innate conflict resolution skills and critical thinking to create solutions to a range of problems by leveraging the latest technology and modern software engineering.

With a background in software engineering and 11 years of experience in the field, Ravi is a proven and natural-born leader. As the visionary eyes of DecodeUp, he possesses high emotional intelligence, works to perfect every part of client work and is an expert at problem solving. A lifelong learner, he believes in taking action, and never discusses problems–instead, he focuses on solutions.

A true people person, Ravi has a global vision for the future of DecodeUp, which includes opening DecodeUp branches around the globe in local cities to help people grow their businesses within their own markets. He also plans to lead DecodeUp to a spot in India and USA’s stock exchanges.

His greatest hope is to create tools and experiences that inspire lasting change for end users and makes life more fulfilling for the people using these products. Knowing that technology can connect us and solve some of the world’s most complex dilemmas, Ravi spends every day looking for a way to make a difference.

When he’s not creating sophisticated websites and leading his team of developers, you can find Ravi in the gym, playing soccer, learning about new gadgets or winning the next level of his favorite video games. His greatest joy is spending time with his daughter.

Komal Chief Technology Officer | Decodeup Team


Chief Technology Officer

Meet the brains and motivation behind the talented team at DecodeUp. Komal serves as the Chief Technology Officer, overseeing DecodeUp’s development work from start to finish. Komal brings years of programming experience that inform her work and allows her to work seamlessly with clients and her large team of developers, programmers and designers. She preps projects with detailed plans before they are initiated and helps team members to confirm that they have considered every aspect of the customer’s request.

She previously worked as an iPhone app developer and prides herself on consistent transparent business practices. Her business philosophy focuses on keeping clients involved in the process and her measure of success is to deliver the best product possible, on time, at the right price.

Komal is a powerful woman entrepreneur who inspires women entrepreneurs. When she was pregnant with her daughter, Komal only took 25 days off from work (during which she still worked with international clients from home) and returned shortly afterward, bringing her daughter to the company daily until she turned 1 year old. She is the wife of DecodeUp’s CEO and loves learning new things. When she’s not in the office you can find her on the dance floor at a party.

Milan Chief Marketing Officer | Decodeup Team


Chief Marketing Officer

If you’re looking for someone with a strong sense of purpose who knows their way around a negotiating table, Milan is your go-to person. As Sales Head of DecodeUp, Milan runs the sales department at DecodeUp, helping to secure contracts and partnerships. His calm intelligence infuses the sales department with assurance and colleagues credit Milan’s direction for their willingness to accept new challenges in the office. A hard-working person, Milan is the driving force behind DecodeUp’s sales team and a highly-valued part of the team.

Sanket Web Development Manager | Decodeup Team


Web Development Manager

Web applications are the driving force behind today’s digital spaces. Sanket, Head of Web App Development at DecodeUp oversees website development across the company and serves as project director for every web app project. A software engineer by trade, Sanket devotes hours to our clients’ needs and works closely with developers to ensure that tasks are completed on time. A dedicated workaholic with a passion for service, he often takes on tasks for his colleagues to help with complex projects. Sanket’s positive mindset radiates through the office. In his free time, Sanket loves traveling, food, cricket and CounterStrike.

Depali Head - Sales & Marketing | Decodeup Team


Head - Sales & Marketing

If a good manager inspires their team to do great things then Dipali is an excellent one. As Head of Sales & Marketing, Dipali leads a team of staff who interact with clients on a daily basis to understand their needs. She guides her team with dedication and inspires them to work consistently in pursuit of client’s happiness and growth.

Hemal Mobile Development Manager | Decodeup Team


Mobile Development Manager

Leadership must be built on trust and expertise. It also helps to have good people skills and organization. Hemal has everything and more. As the head of DecodeUp’s Mobile Applications department, Hemal helps our mobile app development team to address concerns and fulfill projects for clients around the world. Hemal manages the team’s time and helps to ensure deliverables meet client deadlines. A fashionable and helpful leader, the team trusts Hemal to craft detailed plans for each project before it’s executed.

Nayan Web Department Team Leader | Decodeup Team


Web Department Team Leader

How do you successfully lead a dynamic and talented team of individuals while organizing operations and keeping company goals at the forefront of everyone’s mind? Nayan does it with emotional intelligence and a high level of responsibility. He is an extremely hard works who made the shift from electrical engineering to the IT industry where he built a strong reputation in software development. In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Nayan serves as DecodeUp’s all-around leader, the glue that holds the team together. A self-proclaimed beard expert, Nayan loves to spend time with his baby daughter and watch movies.

Dhruvi Head of Human Resources Department | Decodeup Team


Head of Human Resources Department

Human Resources is arguably one of the most important departments in a company, and Dhruvi leads our HR team efforts with strong values, eagerness to help and an easy smile. A fast learner, she understands how to solve interpersonal problems professionally and maintains a work environment built on trust, truth, ethics and an appreciation for rules and regulations. In her spare time, she loves to watch movies.

Tejash Mobile Department Team Leader | Decodeup Team


Mobile Department Team Leader

Mobile apps are used by millions of people across the globe. As Team Leader of our mobile app department, Tejash thinks outside the box to encourage logical complexity in our projects. Tejash is a calm, supportive leader who colleagues find helpful whenever issues arise. His extensive knowledge of the mobile app industry and intelligence impact everyone on our team. In his spare time, Tejash likes to play video games and participate in cricket and tennis.

Zinal Technology Implementation Manager | Decodeup Team


Technology Implementation Manager

Every organization has to stay on top of the latest developments in their industry to compete. Zinal ensures that DecodeUp implements the newest technology and trains new employees to do their best work. She accepts challenges with curiosity, dedication and logic. Her intelligent mind finds the beauty in constant improvement and is supportive of the team in acquiring new skills. A self-proclaimed foodie, Zinal loves travelling and watching Netflix shows and movies.

Bhavik Creative UI/UX Designer | Decodeup Team


Creative UI/UX Designer

Design takes skill, vision and creativity. Thanks to Bhavik, clients return to DecodeUp for stellar design. As a Creative UI/UX design, Bhavik approaches projects eager to learn and dedicated to working on every component until it’s perfect. They possess strong emotional intelligence, are honest , down-to-earth and believe in producing quality work. In their spare time, Bhavik enjoys Marvel movies, gaming, tracking, and spending alone time by the river.

Nandkishor Web Designer Head | Decodeup Team


Web Designer Head

Our web design division anchors our many digital services here at DecodeUp. As Web Designer Head, Nandkishor ensures that our projects meet the highest standards and that innovation remains at the forefront of our work. Known for his ability to wow client with simplicity, he has worked with our team since our initial inception in 2013 (as NNC Infotech) and is an expert at Photoshop and graphic design. Outside of work, Nandkishor loves music and is a spiritual believer.

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