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Seven Philosophies for Client Satisfaction at DecodeUp

DecodeUp’s Seven Steps to Client Satisfaction

Once we acquire a client, it is essential that they are satisfied in their experience with our services. We have policies in place for client satisfaction, and train our team for this purpose. Our philosophy is that clients don't buy our services for excellent solutions–they hire us because our solutions come with excellent customer satisfaction.

Similar to visiting a 5-star hotel or an expensive restaurant; they don't sell their room, amenities or food, they offer all these things with exceptional service, which is where their customer's satisfaction is.

Below you will see our seven-step philosophy for client satisfaction.

  • Embrace feedback

Feedback from clients are blessings for us. We don't waste time addressing negative feedback or defending our services; instead, we use all feedback to improve our services and processes.

  • Practice active listening

In a society where everyone wants to speak, we love to listen intently. For clients internal and external we listen to their ideas and frustration. This leads us to a business model that gets better every day.

  • Establishing Agreements

When our clients talk, we don't begin with disagreements like "no, you are wrong or no; we will do it this way." Instead, we start with an agreement so the conversation will continue on a positive note. This philosophy allows us to achieve good conclusions for our project.

  • Rapid Response

Response time is very crucial. We prompt our team to reply to customer emails, phone calls, or messages regularly. We understand that being non responsive leads to 10,000 different thoughts for our client. Instead, we reply quickly and get things moving in a productive direction.

  • Accept Mistakes & Responsibility

We never enter defensive mode. We accept when we have failed or fallen short of an expectation. When clients see that we own our error, they understand when a problem is not our fault. When a client complains, we always look to see how we can make it right for them.

  • Maintain Happy Employees

A happy employee will lead to a happy customer. While we intend to provide the best service for our clients, we care for those who provide services to our clients. When an employee is happy about his work, that happiness will show up in the client-provider relationship.

  • Syncing Team Members

A happy client is not only the responsibility of the customer-facing departments like sales or the customer service team, it’s also the responsibility of the Technical, Accounts, and HR departments. We train everyone for client satisfaction. When all departments are aligned it is ingrained in every team member to provide excellent service.


11 Oct, 2021

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