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In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted every single business in the world in some way, and most of that impact was negative. BUNDL was established to address the challenges of the pandemic, which hurt retail, hospitality and tourism the most. This platform helps companies to collaborate and offer exclusive deals.




New Zealand


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Business to Business

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Idea behind Business

The client's idea was straightforward: register businesses online and advertise their products and services. He needed a platform to do this that was easy for two very distinct users to navigate.

It also needed to be secure. We knew that our client wanted to make a difference so we set out to help him do just that.

Bundle Decodeup TechnologiesBundle Decodeup Technologies

Find great local places to eat, play and stay

The overall goal of the website is to advertise local businesses and provide key contact information and details, along with exclusive sales offers and bank accounts info.

The site also serves as an online booking system for businesses in the tourism industry. You can add and delete services from your BUNDL and customize your packages.

This New Zealand-based company collaborates with other businesses in the country to bring lower prices to consumers. This means consumers save with no unexpected fees or inflated prices.

The site provides additional tourism revenue for Wellington and operates within three main categories: Eat, Rest, and Play.

This was a very fun project to work on because of the different components and the goal of helping businesses survive amidst the pandemic. This isn't to say it was an easy task. As you will see, there were quite a few obstacles to overcome but our team handled it with ease.

The Challenges

Bundle Decodeup Technologies

After reviewing project requirements with the client, the DecodeUp team began to analyze the needs and challenges of the website to create the best possible space for BUNDL to function.


Per usual, the website needed to be attractive and easy for users to navigate on any device.


There are two main audiences for the website. Due to this, we needed to create a fully integrated backend management system as well as a secure and intuitive frontend shopping experience for consumers.


A signup form was also required for those interested in more information. We also needed secure form details for banking information, shipping, etc.


This website leans on the Stripe payment integration which isn't the easiest to use. The main admin account has to connect with different user's accounts. The site also needs to distribute commission payments to distributors.


Finally, on the front end customers have to search the BUNDL inventory by categories and area to find packages they are looking for. The Bundle listings have to be fully responsive with quick clicks to add to user accounts. Customers also need to modify and delete BUNDLs as needed..

Bundle Decodeup TechnologiesBundle Decodeup Technologies


Revolutionizing Tourism

Our first priority was to establish businesses on the site that were most impacted by the pandemic.

We then set out to create the perfect management system that admins could use to create categories and customize bundle offerings.

On the front end, we established signup for businesses and consumers so they each had a separate entry point to the site.

The search function was our next step, making it possible for users to easily search for bundles and make purchases.

Bundle Decodeup TechnologiesBundle Decodeup Technologies

Publish Custom Bundles

We created a platform that each business can use by creating an account and setting up bundles. They can enter their own details like address, photos, services, contact info and more. They can also add their hours of operations and pricing.

Consumers can enjoy a feature that lets them calculate prices for select bundles to update or modify and remove services they don't need or want.

Bundle Decodeup TechnologiesBundle Decodeup Technologies

Custom payment portals for vendors

With the demands of this unique eCommerce site, we created custom payment coding for this client so consumers can buy any bundle and the specified commission amount will go straight to the distributor.

After 7 days, distributors receive their commission directly to their bank account.

Bundle Decodeup TechnologiesBundle Decodeup Technologies

Typeface & Colors






The Result


Despite every challenge, we found a way to bring this client the exact tool they needed and to help so many local businesses in the process.


This high-powered site is the best solution with custom features that blew our client away.


Users love the site and found it easy to collaborate. They are now seeing amazing economic recovery thanks to the site


Shoppers are now mixing and matching bundles in real time and serving as their own travel agents in a fast, secure location.

Our clients are our partners. Let's connect and create the perfect virtual space for you!

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