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Your space, your way

Personalized Virtual Interior Design Lab

Flow Lab is your best friend for all things interior design. Selecting and placing furniture in your home is not easy and honestly can cause a bit of stress to the average homeowner. With Flow Lab, users receive personalized guidance and a custom plan for their living space. They have the freedom to choose furniture items based on their vision. No more paying money for chairs or end tables you'll never use or grow to hate later. Craft the space you need one item at a time






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Flow lab Decodeup Technologies
Flowlab Decodeup Technologies

This site is not only gorgeous, it works easily thanks to a high-powered coding system on the backend.

The founders of Flow Lab chose DecodeUp because they know amazing design and simple functionality is what we do best.

The home of your dreams hanks to you

With the explosion of technology, everything we do can be launched at the touch of a button, including how we socialize, shop, and learn.

Every day innovators are finding new ways to improve daily life and asking the important question: if this the only way to do this? Building this website was about redefining home decor.

These are the questions that excite us, and our team was eager to find an answer.

Meetings With Client

Flowlab Decodeup Technologies
Flowlab Decodeup Technologies

It's not every day that we get to tackle a topic like home decor. In this case study, you will see some of the hurdles we ran into and how our team opted to take the road less traveled to pull off a difficult task.

The Challenges

The team at Flow Lab chose to work with us for our reputation and commitment to the client. We treat every working relationship with the utmost respect and our full attention. Whether a project lasts a week or a year, we devote every ounce of energy to creating the best product for you.

This is one of the things we discuss with Flow Lab in our initial meetings. How would we translate their current programs and future goals into something dynamic that exists online?

We first evaluated their current state. Flow Lab has physical retails stores that shoe off what it means to design a flow and theme for a room. They use styling setups so consumers can walk through and see the design elements for themselves.

This feel needed to be recreated virtually so the same design tips and advice they share in-person can be shared digitally.

What began as a short term project quickly turned into a long-term one after the Flow Lab team saw the impressive solutions DecodeUp offered

Flowlab Decodeup Technologies

The Solutions


Providing direction to your design goals

One of the solutions we crafted for Flow Lab was a Label system that showcases styling options and corresponding furniture pieces to help users envision their space and flow. This provided the digital and personal direction they need to pick the right items for their home.

Flowlab Decodeup Technologies

Solutions made just for you

We never produce cookie-cutter solutions or drag-and-drop answers. Each client is given well-developed and personal solutions for their needs and audience. That's why we treat our discovery calls so seriously--it's crucial to our success.

Flowlab Decodeup Technologies

A website that checks all the boxes

This client was looking for a digital team that could meet all of their needs, including:

  • A sophisticated design
  • Simple interfaces on the front end
  • Powerful engineering on the backend
  • A site that offered the personal attention they provide in-store

They knew what they needed and we were happy to check all the boxes on their wishlist.

Flowlab Decodeup Technologies

Typeface & Colors

Flowlab Decodeup TechnologiesFlowlab Decodeup Technologies



Lucida Sans Unicode





The Result

Our team was pleased to deliver a beautiful, well-working site that could be maintained and updated with ease.

Flow Lab was thrilled at the result and when the client is pleased, so are we. Of course, a website is never static, it is constantly evolving and like your house needs little improvements and upgrades to remain a home.

How can we make your day today? From a brand new website to an improved e-store, DecodeUp will answer the call.

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